Foster's Supermarket
Foster's Supermarket
Better because we care

For the last 39 years, we've been Foster's IGA.

For the last 39 years, we've been evolving our practices and our offerings to meet the needs of our community.

Now, we take the next step in evolving our brand as we continue to be committed to caring for our community and providing quality items at affordable prices.

We're family-oriented, ethical, honest, and value-driven.

Above all, we’re community-focused.

We're simply, Foster's, and have a brand new visual identity to match.


 More than groceries

Foster’s is the island’s supermarket that shoppers trust. We’re more than groceries; we’re a family-oriented company built on integrity, value, and care. We’re committed to caring for our community and providing products at affordable prices. The experience shoppers have when they visit our stores and interact with our people compels them to come back again and again.

Nearly 39 years ago, our founders David and Steve Foster, set out to create a supermarket with fresh, quality groceries. They set out to create a supermarket in which the community could interact with each other, and feel a sense of warmth and welcome every time they stepped through the front door. We’re building on our history, commitment to care, and connection with our customers, to go beyond groceries and offer our customers a shopping experience that makes them smile.


Our Symbol

our symbol is a visual metaphor for change, nurture and care. It is the embodiment of our values.

Its colors represent health, nature, growth and calm.


our brand mark

our signature is a unique logotype based on the Mr. eaves typeface. the typeface provides a humanistic feel, with simple geometric looking shapes, most noticeably in the squared-off terminals and symmetric counters. the loose-fitting letter spacing due to a small x-height renders a lightness, friendliness and approachability to the font.


our strap line

At foster’s we care about our local community and are compassionate towards the people in it. we recognize that without them we don’t exist. and because we care, we continuously strive to be better at everything we do. our strap line is a reassuring reminder to our customers that they can depend on us to deliver better value on life’s essentials, as well as on the things that make life special.


hey, eigerdals

our typeface is inspired by approachable values. It’s modern, friendly and versatile [a lot like us].


We’re a blue brand with shades of green.

Our blue suggests authority, dignity, stability, heritage and trust. It also communicates attributes such as friendly, approachable, reliable and trustworthy.

Our greens symbolize health, nature, growth and calm.

Collectively, they work in harmony to bring balance to our visual language.


Our secondary color palette is inspired by the colors of Cayman - sky, sea, sunsets, fruits, vegetables, and the warm personalities of our beautiful island.


What’s more fun than an illustration? Why, an illustration of food, of course!

Our illustrations bring warmth and a cheerful personality to communications, and are pretty gorgeous against our blue [if we do say so ourselves].


Photography and food go hand in hand. We aim to tell food’s story, capture shared experiences and find authentic moments of joy, laughter, adoration and food-bliss. Our images are bold. They allow you to feel the moment, imagine tastes and textures, and explore colors.


“A great brand story is a story that is never completely told.”



 As the island’s supermarket that shoppers trust, it’s important for us to show the value and care that we have for our customers.

Our customers care about service and value, so we give them a great experience that makes them smile. Our customers care about choice and quality, so we offer an ever-expanding range of products.

What our customers care about, we care about too.


Foster’s is the island’s supermarket that shoppers trust. We’re committed to caring for our community and providing quality products at affordable prices. We offer a wide selection of specialty, organic, local, name brand, and global products at an everyday, affordable price with added services like delis, bakeries, pharmacies, catering, floral and money transfer services.

No matter where you are on island, Foster’s is never far from home; and because affordable, quality groceries are important to you, they’re important to us too.

Foster’s – better because we care.

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